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Sätateräs siltanosturit - uutiset ja ajankohtaista

Now is the time to renew and modernize our image

The idea of ​​changing our logo and image has long been on our mind. It is a good idea for a company to be innovative and keep up with the times, even though a solid history has created certain traditions. Sometimes the impetus for renewal is quick and a change is triggered by an external…

New business brochure published

Satateräs is a full service workshop manufacturing lifting and transfer equipment located in Siikainen. Satateräs products are, inter alia, massive overhead cranes, crane runways, jib cranes, profile crane systems, lifting beams, wire rope and chain hoists. Individually designed and executed lifting accessories are the company's expertise at its heaviest.   Company brochure » Browse brochure…

Large crane delivery to Lehtosen Konepaja

Satateräs supplies a large number of cranes to the Lehtosen Konepaja in Kokemäki: 4 double girder overhead cranes and 10 wall mounted jib cranes. The first overhead crane has just been installed, and the next cranes will be installed soon. Some of the cranes will become the lifting power of the latest hall extension of…

230t hoisting device to China

Engine hoisting device of 230 t taking off to the customer in China. The hoisting device is designed, dimensioned, 3D modelled, manufactured and tested at the Satateräs factory in Siikainen. Hoisting device is used to lift heavy engines with a high centre of gravity, and the hoisting beam takes into account the compensation for the…

Overhead crane delivery to Lujabetoni

The crane is in outdoor use, and has thermostatically heated crane cubicle, 8 travelling units for crane, rail sweepers, service platforms and a tarpaulin roof covering the entire crane. The crane also has LED lights to increase the visibility to the hook and the load. The crane is equipped with the latest crane technology (smart…

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