Responsible, environmentally aware and value-based operating business

Today it is not enough for a company to produce its products quickly and efficiently. It must also be environmentally conscious and respectful of certain principles and values. The entity makes the company responsible and respected.

Environmentally conscious is our key

Satateräs is serious about our environment; a functioning ecosystem and pure nature guarantee our living conditions in the future as well.

The foundation for the Satateräs eco-system is the environmental aspects, as well as industry recommendations, regulations and laws. The aim is to make production and administrative activities as green as possible. Personnel are constantly trained in environmental awareness and working methods are developed to be more environmentally friendly.

We recycle all possible waste adequately and consider the possibility of reuse.

Satateräs Mission, Vision and Values


To produce high quality and competitive lifting and handling equipment, considering the individual needs of the industry.


To be a significant lifting and transfer equipment manufacturer in Finland, as well as a desired supplier in the export market. Known as a solid, valued and desired partner. We also want to be a meaningful employer who takes care of the benefits and safety of its employees.


  • To support the surrounding society by taking care of the employer’s responsibilities, participating in social projects and participating in the development of the observed disadvantages.
  • To work as a creator of a safe and healthy work environment and spirit.
  • To take the needs of its customers seriously, giving each partner the best of skills, and transferring product development success to their customers.
  • To support biodiversity and encourage the environment to be kept clean, both by their own actions and by favouring these features in their partners.
  • We value honesty, fairness and perseverance.


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Satateräs Oy - Satateras

Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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