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Jib cranes

The Jib cranes can be divided into wall and column mounted models according to the mounting method. Wall and column jib cranes are a particularly suitable solution for different workstations. The selection includes top and bottom supported models, from 125 kg loads up to 2000 kg loads. Larger loads are also possible, at that time all motions are mechanical and inverter-controlled.

Jib cranes are usually equipped with a SWF electric chain hoist.


Column Mounted Crane

Suitable for workstations with no suitable mounting structure for a wall mounted crane. The crane is a lightweight, low cost, and minimum space solution for many applications. Easy to rotate by hand, can also be equipped with a motorized rotation.


Wall mounted crane

A handy crane for workstations near the wall with limited space. Can be attached to the wall or, for example, a concrete column. Ergonomic, efficient and fast working crane. Long outreach and wide angle of rotation guarantee versatility in different applications.


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