Various hoists and hoisting equipment as both standard products and tailor-made

Satateräs is a full service workshop manufacturing lifting and transfer equipment located in Siikainen. Satateräs products are, inter alia, massive overhead cranes, crane runways, jib cranes, profile crane systems, lifting beams, wire rope and chain hoists. Individually designed and executed lifting accessories are the company’s expertise at its heaviest.

Our service also includes our own Crane Service, which provides its customers with advice, installation services, service and repair services, as well as statutory inspections.

Various hoists and hoisting equipment as both standard products and tailor-made

Along with standard products, we also design significant lifting solutions tailored according to customer needs. All the products we manufacture are CE marked and receive a full Declaration of Conformity. Our production complies with the quality systems, environmental policies and occupational safety regulations. Our products pass a considerable amount of stringent safety and capacity testing.

German wire rope and chain hoist expertise - Satateräs is SWF's representative in Finland

Since 1985, Satateräs has partnered with German component supplier SWF Krantechnik GmbH and has thus gained access to the world’s leading crane expertise. Our wire rope and chain hoist selection mainly consist of the products of SWF Krantechnik GmbH, and we are the representative of SWF in Finland.

Family business has a long history with hoists

Founded in 1975, Satateräs has strong roots as a family business. From the beginning, Satateräs stood out from other metal industry operators, as most of the products are entirely of their own production, from design to manufacture.

The first real premises were found in Siikainen in an old dairy estate in 1977. The first production hall was built in 1979. Production facilities have been expanded on several occasions, and sales offices have also been established in both Kerava and Salo. The office premises are still located in the old dairy estate.

Satateräs only produces quality products

Implementing demanding customer products also requires a lot from the manufacturer himself. A good product is created in a working environment, with skilled hands and with the right tools. And because Satateräs products are often massive both in length and weight, they cannot be produced in lightly-equipped production facilities, not to mention in inexperienced hands.

Products implemented from the beginning to the end

We always manufacture the products from design to post-processing, so our quality control is very up-to-date. Our staff creates a dense working chain – long-term work experience is often combined with fresh perspectives, when long-term employees work together with newer employees. This way we guarantee a high quality, durable, innovative lifting product that uses cutting-edge technology.

Our production naturally uses many of our own products in their work, so we are the most critical customers ourselves. This gives us valuable practical experience of the operation and sustainability of our products.


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Satateräs Oy - Satateras

Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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