230t hoisting device to China

Engine hoisting device of 230 t taking off to the customer in China.
The hoisting device is designed, dimensioned, 3D modelled, manufactured and tested at the Satateräs factory in Siikainen.
Hoisting device is used to lift heavy engines with a high centre of gravity, and the hoisting beam takes into account the compensation for the eccentricity of the centre of gravity. The hoisting beam is attached to the crane’s double hook with hydraulically engageable and lockable attachment cotters. The lifting point can be hydraulically adjusted longitudinally. The lift width can be adjusted from 2 to 6 pre-set widths to maximize the straightness of the lifting sling lifting angle for each product. The adjustments are made hydraulically, after which the locking of the carrier also happens hydraulically. The lifting point can also be adjusted width-wise if the centre of gravity is not centred. The hoisting device has light signal indicators. Green light indicates that all adjustments are in place and locked ready for lifting.
All movements are executed logic controlled, controlled wirelessly by a radio controller. The hoisting beam is manufactured according to the dimensions and characteristics of the customer’s products.

Satateräs has designed and delivered several same types of hoisting devices over the years.

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Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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