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Our own Crane Service

Satateräs also looks after products afterwards. The customer can naturally get in touch with the product only after installation, so any questions and needs will arise after the user experience. Satateräs Crane Service provides its customers with advice, installation services, service and repair services, as well as statutory inspections. In acute additional needs, as well as under changing production conditions, Satateräs is involved in creating a working production environment.

Additional and service parts for lifting equipment

You get all the necessary additional and service parts for your lifting equipment from Satateräs.
If necessary, a service and inspection contract can be agreed on with the customer, thus Satateräs will ensure the condition and functionality of its products automatically.

Regular crane service keeps the products running for a long time and ensures efficient and safe operation. It is advisable to replace the wearing parts at regular intervals, and in the event of service, it is the customer’s benefit that the spare parts and service actions can be handled quickly and at once.

Certified crane inspections

Certified crane inspections by Satateräs, inspection requirements are based on the Government Decree on Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment (403/2008) Our inspectors have certification for inspections granted by Inspecta.

Regular inspection and experienced inspector also affect the quality and reliability of production, giving valuable information to, inter alia, support maintenance.

Satateräs performs deployment and periodic inspections, thorough periodic inspections and non-destructive inspections, as well as test drives for all industrial cranes.

Logistic crane deliveries to the customer

The manufacture of a large product, and above all the deliveries to the customer require good design and logistic thinking. Satateräs logistics has been designed to work already in production, the products are being transferred as little as possible, and the necessary transfers are kept short. Thus, better keeping up with the schedule and minimizing the risks of damage to the products.

The product sent to the customer is loaded and transported by professionals. The transfer route is carefully planned in advance, as deliveries are often over-sized. In addition to road transport, we use ship cargo; Pori Harbour is just a short distance away.

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Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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