Large crane delivery to Lehtosen Konepaja

Satateräs supplies a large number of cranes to the Lehtosen Konepaja in Kokemäki: 4 double girder overhead cranes and 10 wall mounted jib cranes. The first overhead crane has just been installed, and the next cranes will be installed soon. Some of the cranes will become the lifting power of the latest hall extension of the workshop, and some are installed to enhance the lifting capacity of the old production hall.

The bridge cranes to be delivered are 2 x 30 t, 2 x 10 t, 2 x 10 t, 2 x 6.3 t of size. All cranes are double girder cranes and have radio control, condition monitoring, load display, anti-collision protectors and LED lights. Wall mounted jib crane have a load of 1000 kg – and a jib length of 6 m, all have SWF Chainster electric chain hoist. Satateräs also supplies the crane power line.

Satateräs Oy - Satateras

Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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