Now is the time to renew and modernize our image

The idea of ​​changing our logo and image has long been on our mind. It is a good idea for a company to be innovative and keep up with the times, even though a solid history has created certain traditions. Sometimes the impetus for renewal is quick and a change is triggered by an external event. This was also the case with Satateräs, when our strong German partner SWF Krantechnik boosted its visibility and corporate brand with a logo update.

A network gives you the opportunity to be even bigger

Satateräs is able to offer its customers the benefits of a large company and a technical lead through the SWF partnership. The Satateräs logo now corresponds with the SWF policy with a modern typeface and corporate color clarity. The logo shows smooth movement and collaboration. The two main business areas of the company, namely cranes and their maintenance, are clearly indicated under the logo. The pure Reflex Blue is easy to recognize and the yellow highlight colour retains its freshness. In practice, the identification of lifting products, for example, is easy to standardize despite the various techniques and materials used.

Innovating without violating conventionality

We were brave and gave up the Scandic characters. Satateräs is a great company name, but in the international logo the letter “ä” was sometimes found entertaining. In digital marketing, these characters are naturally left out, so why not in the logo. If we achieve attention by this, we are at the very least distinctive and individual. Just as we also customize our products to meet customer demands.

Satateräs Oy - Satateras

Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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