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Wire Rope and Chain hoists

Our selection of wire rope and chain hoists mainly consists of the products of SWF Krantechnik GmbH, with almost a limitless number of accessories, such as radio control, condition monitoring equipment and double brake.

Tipping Containers

KIPPERI Tipping container is a high quality and reliable tipping container for sorting, processing and transferring of industrial waste and scrap metal.

Gantry Hoists

Aluminium gantry hoists are easy to move and light to transfer from one place to another. The cranes can be dismantled, and can be easily stored as parts, and are quick to reassemble for even a short-term use at, for example, the installation site.

Lifting Accessories

We also design and produce with expertise various lifting accessories, such as lifting beams, gripping devices etc.

Profile Cranes

Crane designed for different applications. Profile cranes are at their best in tasks requiring precision.

Jib Cranes

An ergonomic and handy jib crane for limited space workstations, available as a wall or column model up to 2000kg load.

Overhead Cranes

Overhead cranes with chain hoist, as well as massive overhead cranes with wire rope hoist. Loads up to 200 tons.
Satateräs Oy - Satateras

Satateräs Oy – Satateras

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